America's Great Loop - You don't just cruise it - You live it!
It is an Amazing Boating Adventure - that will inspire you!
America's Great Loop - Because you don't have to cross oceans to get there!
    I admit, I love cruising the Caribbean, but those days are gone for me. Now, having celebrated my 70th birthday on my 8th voyage
around the Great Loop - I have chosen to stay with cruising it. Why? Mainly because I feel very safe cruising the Loop. I am close to family,
friends and home and near everything I need all along the way. I believe for a retired cruising couple, it just doesn't get any better than this.  
You need very little more than a safe, seaworthy, comfortable boat. You are never out of sight of land (unless you choose to be), and seldom
more than a stone's throw from it. You are also always near a safe marina, anchorage, and (my favorite), a wonderful waterfront restaurant.
There is just lots to see and do on this amazing voyage. For me, it is a "Rest of Life" Vacation!  
      Yes, America's Great Loop is much more than just a 6,000-mile boat ride.
     It is an 'epic' adventure that is 1,500 miles longer than the Nile River & 3,100 miles longer than the Mississippi River.
 You will cruise by, 59 Forts & Fortresses, 52 National Parks, 48 famous Lighthouses, 46 US Historical Sites, 42 Top National Island
Vacation Spots, 40 Famous grave sites, 20 (or more) U.S. States, 18 Pirate & Civil War Shipwrecks, 12 Civil War Battlefields, 10 Famous
Southern Antebellum Plantations, 9 Big Foot sightings, 8 of the Top 10 Travel destinations and tourist spots in the U.S., 8 of the Top 10
Vacation destinations in Canada. 7 of the Top 10 Retirement communities in the U.S., Top 5 Largest Flea Markets in the entire U.S., as well
as the Oldest City in U.S., and the oldest City in Canada.
     Oh, you will also cruise by about 280 of the best waterfront restaurants in the entire country!
     It will also take you right to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Stuart, Cape Canaveral, Jacksonville, Savanah, Charleston, Myrtle Beach,  Norfolk,
Annapolis, Washington DC, Atlantic City, New York City, Albany, Montreal, Quebec City, Mackinac Island, Leland, Traverse City, Green Bay,
Chicago, Peoria, St. Louis, Louisville, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Mobile, New Orleans, Galveston, Pensacola, Destin, Tampa, Sanibel
Island, Ft., Myers and Key West. . . just to name a few.
     Point is, there are more potential and amazing stops along the way than days in a year.    
It doesn't require a "BIG" boat. It just requires the "RIGHT" boat.
America's Great Loop
       Beyond doubt, this has to be the
very safest long-distance voyage on the
entire planet. It is absolutely the perfect
cruising grounds for retired Baby
Boomers, of which I am one, so I know
what I'm talking about.
   The Great Loop is a 5,600-mile voyage
around the eastern portion of North
America. Cruising it takes you up the safe
protected Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway
from Florida to New York. From there your
options include cruising Canada, or taking
the Erie Canal through the Great Lakes.
From the Great Lakes, one can boat right
through downtown Chicago and connect
with the vast and wonderful water world of
America's fabulous Inland Rivers.
   Choices include taking the Mississippi
River to New Orleans, or taking the
fabulously beautiful "Heartland of
America" route through Kentucky Lake
and the Tennessee River.

   Yes, every American boater should have cruising the Loop on their Bucket List for all the obvious reasons. It is a safe voyage full of wonderful
discoveries. Most of all, it is a simply amazing adventure that is right here in our own backyards! You don't have to cross an ocean to get there!
Yet while you cruise so very far, you are always so very close to home, family & friends.
   This voyage will inspire you. It will change you for the better. It will transform you. This experience will engage and excite you into changing
your life and viewing the world and people in it, in a new encouraging and exciting way.
    You will be a different person at the end of this voyage. You will not only be a better helmsman, you will be a better person, a husband, wife,
father, mother, friend and citizen.  
   There is just something about getting away from your daily routine that gives you an opportunity to sort things out and discover who you really
are. What you are most likely to discover is that you are not that person everyone else holds up in a mirror for you to see – or who they want
you to be. This voyage allows you to rid yourself of unwanted habits and reinforces your willingness to broaden your horizons and move on in a
new and exciting direction.
•  You will learn more than you can imagine about new places and history.
•  It will connect you with different people, wonderful places, cultures and lifestyles.
•  You will break your bad habits, mentally, physically and emotionally.
•  You will reduce stress and regain an accelerated enthusiasm for life, as well as life in America.
•  You will learn patience and lose those fears of the unknown.
•  You will release that ‘one right way’ mentality and open yourself up to others’ ideas and opinions.
•  You will gain insight into what really matters and what is really important in your life.

   As human beings, it is natural to create lists, outline goals, and dream big dreams. We often find ourselves trapped behind everyday
responsibilities and commitments. It is so easy to get caught in the bubble of daily routines because it is comfortable and safe.
   Cruising the Loop forces you to step out of your safe comfortable arm chair. You will find a new thrill for the unknown rather than fear it. You
will experience things you never had the chance to do behind your office desk or from your land locked home.
   Cruising the Loop will force you to challenge yourself to see life differently, appreciate the little things, and explore the many options
presented to you. Be adventurous, explore and let things unfold naturally. Above all, you will find a newly motivated you.
   You will learn even in the confines of the US, different regions of people have different ways of life. Not every city has the same offerings, and
not all people love the same trends. As small as the world can seem these days, even food is extremely regional and different.
   All it takes is one experience to change the way we see things, and cruising America’s Great Loop will do that. You will meet other Loopers,
live aboards and locals that will amaze and inspire you. One of your most memorable 'favorite' experiences will simply be the friendly people you
meet along the way.
   One of the major game changers will be when you return home. You will feel refreshed, recharged, and inspired. There is inspiration
everywhere on the Loop. In the food, the history, the people you will meet, nature, architecture, music, art, different lifestyles, and so much
more. When you cruise the Loop you find yourself on sensory overload, and that’s an amazing thing. You will end up bottling it up and taking it
   More than anything, this voyage will make you a much more appreciative person. Long before it is over you will thank God for his blessings,
his sunsets, sunrises and most of all, for his forgiveness and for all your freedom. I cannot encourage you enough to cruise America’s Great
Loop and to cruise it now. Now! While you still can, while you still have your health, and it is still not too late.
   Don’t be afraid to explore this beautiful wonderful “Water World” of cruising the Loop. Most Loopers are making plans for their 2nd voyage
around the Loop long before they are half way around the first one. On that note, I’m sure you will end up as so many have, feeling “Once
Around Is Not Enough”. Want to know more about cruising America's Great Loop? Click on the BYOB link below:
      It does not require a big expensive boat. My current boat is 40
years old and cost me $10,000. It has taken me around the Great Loop
twice and will take me around twice more.
     Yes, it required some fixing up and paint & polish, but it has
faithfully and flawlessly taken me happily around America's Great Loop.
   So don't make the mistake of believing this life, this lifestyle, is only
for the rich & wealthy. I have been around the Loop 8 times in 6
different vessels. I've never paid more than $25,000 for any of them,
and obviously never purchased a new one. For me, "my dream is the
voyage". My boats have all been about seeing how far "I can go". Not
showing the world how far I've come. My boating philosophy has always
been "More Fun than Fuel". So you won't catch me in a "fast" boat.
This is a wonderful voyage, an incredible experience and an amazing
adventure. I never understand why anyone would be in such a hurry to
end it.   
- The Frugal Voyager -
- the Frugal Voyager -
- the Frugal Voyager -
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- the Frugal Voyager -
It is an 'epic' boating adventure that is longer than the Nile River, and
the safest, longest inland voyage on the planet!
  Detours and side trip options offer over 29,000 miles of boating pleasure to places such as Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Louisville,
Pittsburgh, and even south to Texas & Mexico, north to Hannibal on the Mississippi, up to St. Paul. You can even boat to Little Rock, AK, and
Tulsa, Ok.
  Either way you go, you will end up on the Gulf ICW, which sill take you west to Brownsville, or east to Sanibel Island and Ft. Myers where you
can take the Okeechobee waterway back to the Atlantic ICW,
  While there are miles and miles of magnificent scenic waterways with big cities and small villages to stop and visit, the options are all too
numerous to describe. I've made this voyage seven times, and haven't come close to seeing it all yet.    
- the Frugal Voyager -
- the Frugal Voyager -
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